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Yet another achievement by ArmorWall™­: Taped joints of the ArmorWall™ Plus system have successfully passed 30-day 21.6” face columns. 

ArmorWall™’s Panelizer utilizes 9” wide self-adhered flashing to treat joints between pre-fabricated panel assemblies. In this particular test specimen, the joint was set at a column depth of 14-1/2”. This places the top and bottom edges of the 9” flashing at 10” and 19”, respectively. The joint itself consists of a 1/8” wide saw-cut to simulate a partial panel joint.

I’m using 30-day 21.6” face columns as the proving grounds for highly durable WRB Systems. In this case, ArmorWall™ Plus was redesigned specifically with this tortuous test in mind. And it all starts with its coating which adheres magnificently to MgO under prolong hydrostatic pressure. Likewise, the remaining components adhere magnificently to the coating and to the MgO itself. Component interfaces are sealed. The system is complete. Water is repelled. 

I look forward to discussing these findings later this week at IIBEC. Although I’m not presenting, you’ll find me at the MaxLife Industries booth; so please stop by. I look forward to answering your questions and sharing my story – a journey from skeptic to objective advocate!