Helping Clients Meet & Exceed Code Requirements

We don’t just know construction codes, we write them. Our expert staff sits on codes and standards development committees for ASTM, ICC, and other bodies. This experience enables us to advise clients on more than just how to interpret the current code, but how to design projects and products to take the most advantage of the codes of today and tomorrow.

Our Code Consulting services include:

Coordination of Code Acceptance

Our expert staff has the knowledge, experience, and relationships needed to guide clients through the entire process of garnering code acceptance for projects and products. Our expertise in many areas of residential and commercial building codes enables us to help clients determine the right pathways to pursue for their projects and products.

Product Testing to Codes & Standards

Built Environments support clients through all parts of the product testing process for codes and standards. Whether designing a new product or expanding an existing product into a new area, we can provide expert consultation to ensure that necessary codes and standards are met using cost effective and time efficient methods.

Building Code Assistance

Have questions about how building codes work? We’re here to help. No matter the topic, our team has an answer. We support clients with technical assistance on building codes related to single family homes, multifamily buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and anything in between.