Building Science

No matter the size or difficulty, our expert team diagnoses the most challenging building science problems and provides valuable solutions.

From foundation to roof and everything in between, we’re here to help.

Materials Science

Our brand-new laboratory and testing facility helps clients find solutions to materials science challenges quickly and cost effectively.

We test materials for fire, water, structural, and many other properties to help clients solve problems and improve the performance of materials.

Product Design

We have deep experience designing building products and successfully bringing them into the market.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on a design idea or seeking technical assistance in patenting the industry’s next innovation, we are your trusted advisor throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Product Testing

We specialize in providing fast, effective, and no-nonsense product testing services by using novel approaches to identify issues and offer recommendations.

From sealant exposure testing to software simulations, we have the tools to identify deficiencies and benefits in building products.

Code Consulting

We don’t just know construction codes, we write them.

Our expert staff sits on codes and standards development committees for ASTM, ICC, and other bodies. This experience enables us to advise clients on more than just how to interpret the current code, but how to design projects and products to take the most advantage of the codes of today and tomorrow.

Advanced Building Simulations

When lab and field studies are unable to reach a conclusion, advanced building simulations are invaluable.

We’re experts in using state-of-the-art software to predict how products and systems respond to a myriad of forces and climate variables. These services offer clients an opportunity to bring testing unimaginable in the real world to reality.

Research & Development

Our clients receive fresh perspectives in research and development founded in expert building and materials science combined with hands-on construction know-how.

We offer unrivaled creativity and the ability to make any product or project demonstrably better.

Industry Education

We’re available to educate small teams and large conferences on the ins and outs of the most challenging and interesting topics in building and materials science.

Having tested thousands of buildings and products, we have stories to share that will leave your audience thinking and innovating in new and exciting ways.

Need something else? We love a challenge!

Our experts love solving problems! Get in touch for help with other building or materials sciences challenges related to your project or product.