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Built Environments helps clients innovate, design, and build in unique and valuable ways, all founded in expert building and materials science. We work with product manufacturers, architecture and engineering firms, contractors of many types, and trade organizations that aspire to bring cutting-edge products and projects to reality. Our straightforward, fast-track, and science-based approach provides our clients with results that impact their bottom line and protect their reputation. We deliver innovative work with no compromises.

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We Think Differently To Help Clients Succeed

Lightning in a bottle – achieving the seemingly impossible. That’s our challenge.

To do this, we have to think outside the box. This often involves dismantling an original idea and rebuilding it around a new one. Our framework is resilience, redundancy, and a healthy respect for the unexpected environment. At the core of our practice is the belief that products and assemblies must perform beyond the status quo. Standards and criteria mean nothing if the bar is set too low. So, we raise the bar.” We live our projects. They become part of us. We embrace the most difficult, the messiest, the orphaned. From this chaos emerges elegant ideas, highly evolved products, and resilient enclosure systems.

Our Clients Include:

What’s New in the Lab?

CAUTION! High performance laboratory and testing facility under construction! Work is currently underway on construction of Built Environment’s brand-new building and materials science lab located in Leland, NC, just south of Wilmington. The new lab features state-of-the-art equipment that enables our team to test building materials for structural strength, water permeability, adhesion, and so much more. In addition to lab space, we’re building a test wall apparatus that we’ll use for missile impact testing, flexural strength, and more. Stay tuned for updates as our new lab comes online. Interested in booking time with our experts? Get in touch!

We're pushing the boundaries of materials science to design and build even better...

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Our Team

Each day we ask the question, “What if?” We dare convention. We strive for bold ideas. We offer objective thought to our clients and the industry-at-large.

As experts in building and materials science, Built Environments provides unique perspectives that help clients solve real-world problems. In addition to our client work, we have a passion for educating industry professionals on ways they can improve the built environment. You can find our team at industry conferences and events helping architects, engineers, contractors, and product manufacturers understand the fundamentals of building and materials science. Want to get involved? Join our online community to participate in discussions on the most challenging building and materials science topics.

Our Team

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