Unmatched Building Science Expertise

Built Environments’ staff is unmatched in building science knowledge, expertise, and experience. Our comprehensive understanding of construction, engineering, architecture, and the sciences provides clients with actionable, science-driven solutions to the most challenging building science problems. We’re experts in how homes and buildings work, from foundation to roof and everything in between.

All Buildings, All Applications, All Sizes

No building is too big or small for our experts. Our vast technical experience spans from tiny houses to industrial facilities and high-rise buildings. We’ve tested thousands of homes and buildings across the country in all climate zones. With this experience, we provide no-nonsense client solutions on everything from window flashing to fire resistance.

Our Building Science services include:

Pre-Construction Plan Review

We provide technical assistance and plan review during the pre-construction phase to optimize the best designs, specify the right materials and validate code-approved assemblies to minimize maintenance and life cycle costs while maximizing durability and sustainability of the building.

Quality, Material, & Assembly Inspections

Our team provides in-depth support during construction to ensure that proper materials and assemblies are in place and being properly used to ensure the best quality and outcome from foundation to roof and everything in between.

Building Enclosure Consulting

We provide third-party building enclosure assessments to ensure that products, assemblies, and installations meet code requirements and plans.

Here is where our skills culminate to achieve resilient building enclosures. The aim – combine materials, design, and craftsmanship to resist the ravages of Nature. It begins by knowing the materials. We know which products work; which ones don’t; and which ones play well together. We also assist in the synergy of intelligent design where enclosure components are integrated to offer redundant safeguards, broad climate tolerance, and durability. Lastly, we offer our own brand of quality assurance. The kind that does not fail.

Construction Process Improvement

We provide technical assistance throughout the construction lifecycle to support process improvement in material inspection, product installation, and everything in between. Doing so saves clients time and money while reducing liability and improving performance.

Energy Performance & Sustainability

From advanced energy modeling to material selection for sustainable decision making, our team provides hands-on support to ensure your project’s energy and sustainability plans become reality.

Architectural Forensics

Our experts provide on-site inspections to identify issues and recommend solutions that save time, costs, and keep projects on schedule.

Litigation Consulting

We provide expert witness services and litigation consulting to clients needing support in identifying, quantifying, and communicating the causes and magnitude of building and materials science issues. We’ve helped hundreds of clients get projects back on track and protect their reputations. Common cases include water infiltration, fire damage, and material compatibility.

Laboratory & Field Mock-Ups

Our lab develops custom testing protocols for individual products, wall assemblies, and other building features to identify problems and optimize performance during the design phase. In the field, we assist in building mock-ups and training installers on how to meet requirements using standard and innovative construction practices, tools, and equipment.