Technical Assistance To Enhance Products

We have deep experience designing building products and successfully bringing them into the market. Whether you’re looking for guidance in a design idea or seeking technical assistance in patenting the industry’s next innovation, we advise clients throughout the entire product lifecycle. We work with product manufacturers seeking to raise the bar on resilience and performance. We help them create truly novel solutions with synergy of form and function. Oftentimes, we support disruption, bringing new and innovative materials into the market.

We take a systems approach to solving problems. Rather than re-packaging generic low-performing products as many OEMs do, working with us aims to help manufacturers make the most. And we participate in the design and development process using our creative insights and our most stringent performance standards. Clients hire Built Environments to participate in their innovation process and provide technical oversight of all facets of product development, testing, and coordination of code acceptance.

Our Product Design services include:

Design Assistance

Our experts will provide technical assistance throughout the product design process to ensure that the product’s design meets or exceeds the targeted performance specifications. And along the way, we’ll provide research and testing services that make it even better.


Our team can test product performance throughout the design process and provide valuable feedback that helps to improve the product over a few or many iterations. Our testing services cover fire, water, moisture, flexural strength, weatherability, acoustics, and much more.


Having patented building products of our own, our experts are available to help others along the way. Some of the most challenging issues arise in understanding detailed technical differences between current products and innovative ones. Built Environments assists clients in understanding their uniqueness and novelty related to patent opportunities.


Our team can assist in the design of product packaging to ensure that materials are properly and safely delivered to customers. We take deep dives into requirements for weatherability, durability, safety, and much more.


Having worked with hundreds of products over the years, we know what marketing claims and angles have worked, and which ones have failed. While we don’t call ourselves marketers, we are experts in knowing codes and performance, which is experience that can be used to validate marketing claims and identify performance attributes that will help to sell the product.


Our expert scientists are deeply connected in the construction industry’s distribution network. If you’re looking for support designing the go-to-market strategy for your product and need assistance with how it can be distributed, we can help.


We can help identify the materials, packaging, and components that make the most of your product’s sustainability features. From chemical analysis of the raw materials to performance of the final product and its packaging, we can assist with bringing your goals to reality.

Built Environments was hired by a product manufacturer to enhance the air and water resistive barrier (AWB) attributes of a revolutionary Structural Insulated Sheathing (SIS) system. Our creative thinking and customized testing plans enabled us to fast-track redevelopment and offer a systems approach to water resistance. The results included the world’s first thin-mil AWB to resist 60-day hydrostatic pressure at 21.6 inches. In addition, we took on the task of redeveloping the flashing and sealant systems to offer superior adhesion to the AWB coating and sheathing substrative – even under prolonged immersion and hydrostatic pressure.