Innovate With Confidence And A Different Way Of Thinking

We research materials to better understand their limits and potential. We compare products. And we innovate new ones. At our core, is the belief that conventional product testing lacks rigor and predictive power. We therefore push the boundaries of innovation so that it expresses something truly rare – clever, robust solutions to relevant, ever-changing problems. We offer fresh perspectives, unrivaled creativity, and the ability to make any product or design demonstrably better.

In 2024, we’re excited to research highly relevant building enclosure topics such as tape adhesives, sealants, and water-resistive barriers. But our most ambitious plans for 2024 involve fascinating new research in Magnesium Oxide (MgO), including panel products and novel material applications.

Our Research & Development services include:

Applied Research

One of the many innovative ways that we help clients find solutions to specific problems or issues is by simply thinking about the problem or needed solution in unique and different ways. How does that help? As experts in both building and materials science, our team works with clients to solve problems and create solutions in ways that other technical consultants can’t. More than just testing a material to its breaking point, we provide recommendations founded in years of materials research and building science in order to make it more durable, last longer, and cost effective.

Comparative Testing

Clients often hire Built Environments to perform comparative testing on competitive or alternative products. This testing is critical not just to develop high performing products but to obtain code acceptance when introducing a new type of product not specified in code, which requires performance attributes that are the equal or better than the code-specified ones.

Product Design & Testing

We’re experts in helping clients design products better through digital simulations and physical product testing. Visit our Product Design and Product Testing pages for more information.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Our team provides clients with FMEA services to clearly diagnose the failure points in a product and recommend solutions for improvement. This analysis can involve testing for fire resistance, moisture absorption, adhesion strength, and much more. Results of this analysis help improve products to instill confidence in projects.

Custom Test Methods

We’re known for developing novel and innovative test methods that simply didn’t exist prior to an engagement with a client. This often occurs when clients provide us with a need to test new and innovative products to codes and standards that oftentimes don’t presently recognize them. To do this work, we rely on our near 25 years of experience in building science, materials sciences, and codes and standards to develop customized test methods that help to make products better.

System Development

Our team is known for following a systems approach to solving problems with client projects and products. When dealing with issues such as moisture absorption in building materials and design flaws in building enclosure systems, it’s essential to consider the total environment surrounding the product or project. Both in the lab and in the field, our systems thinking approach helps clients find problems and generate solutions quickly and cost effectively.