We’re Not Your Ordinary Technical Consultant

For 25 years, Built Environments has provided clients with innovative technical research and product development. We are not a typical research consultancy. We are built differently. Our approaches are novel. And we have special skills. Anyone can test products and assemblies, run WUFI analyses, and redline plans. But do they truly know what it all means? Have they taken a deep dive to know what really works and what doesn’t? And do they have the breadth of knowledge to offer relevant perspectives? We know the industry. We know its tendencies and fallacies. We see these gaps as opportunities to make products and designs better. Innovation is not limited to patentable products or ideas. It is the essence of critical thinking and creative thought.

We Are Your Strategic Business Partner

With proven experience in patent development, codes assessments, mergers and acquisitions, private funding, enclosure design, and materials testing, our team is strategically placed to assist in novel design of new and existing products in the construction industry. We work with investors, manufacturers, design and engineering firms, as well as professional organizations. Our long history of awards, innovations, patents, and strategic partnerships provides assurance that you’re working with the right team.

Laboratory and Testing Facility

Built Environments’ experts support project teams on-site and from our laboratory and testing facility located in Leland, NC in the Wilmington, NC area.

Coming online in Spring 2024, our new facility houses state-of-the-art testing equipment that enables our staff to support clients with fast, reliable, and cost-effective testing activities. The lab includes a focus on coastal, hot-humid research of buildings and materials. Additionally, a test wall apparatus will offer missile impact testing. The new lab expands our efforts to assist clients with code approvals and listings as part of our customer guidance service. Visit our Blog to follow along as we construct this brand-new facility.

“In our industry it’s not so much what you know, but rather it’s how you think. And we think differently.”

What’s most important to you when hiring a technical consultant?

To us, it’s trust. Built Environments provides clients with trusted technical guidance, assistance, and solutions, all founded in science. Our expert staff empowers clients to make decisions by providing fact-based research and test results. With nearly 25 years’ experience, our credibility is second to none. Need help solving a challenging building or materials science problem with your project or product? Contact us today.

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