Experts You Can Trust

You want the best product or project? Hire the best technical consultant. Built Environments’ staff are experts in building and materials science. We’ve designed, built, and tested thousands of homes and buildings in climate zones across the U.S. This experience enables us to provide clients with real-world solutions to construction challenges that we’ve experienced ourselves. This experience lends itself to a deep understanding of building products and materials used in all types of construction. Our expert staff helps clients diagnose issues and create solutions that save money and add value. We’re here to make your project or product successful.


For 25 years, Built Environments has worked with clients to revolutionize the world of construction and building materials. We innovate to ensure durability, safety, and value in building projects and products. Our team of experts have rigorously tested thousands of homes, buildings, and products. This experience has led us to become a premier technical consultant for advanced building and materials science.

The all-new Built Environments is pushing the boundaries of materials science to design and build even better. Our services provide product manufacturers with the confidence and validation they need, ensuring that their products meet specifications in real-world use. But, we don’t stop there. We go far beyond industry codes and specifications in ways that shape the future of design and construction.

Our Community

Over our 25 years in business, our staff have become industry leaders and innovators in building and materials science. This experience hasn’t come on our own, however. The conversations, site visits, and events that we have with industry peers have helped to shape our ideas, have led to innovation, and have spurred countless product and project improvements, saving time, money, and pushing the industry forward.

As the all-new Built Environments, we strive to support our industry and community even further by offering education, research, and innovation into the market. Join our online community on LinkedIn to have your voice heard in these important conversations.