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At present, MgO products in global markets originate from China and are sold by contract manufacturers in the country of destination. Quality varies significantly. It varies by manufacturer. And it varies by batch. And it can even change over time when handled, stored, and shipped. These materials may or may not conform to the specs claimed by the reseller.

As we discuss in our recently-released white paper, it is incumbent upon the contract manufacturer (the reseller) to maintain its own robust quality monitoring program. This ‘trust but verify’ approach assures that quality is met and that it did not change over time.

Though seen as overly burdensome, it’s part of a necessary process to protect supply streams. The two-tiered QA/QC system assuages most, if not all, lingering concerns of MgO quality. In short, if the reseller isn’t practicing this approach, it shouldn’t be in the industry.

Our paper lays out a minimum QA/QC program and associated performance testing. The goal: demonstrate ongoing compliance with performance criteria (AC386) originally conveyed by the rigors of code acceptance. The loop is closed and quality is assured.