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To see a product emerge from idea to market is always thrilling. To see it exceed expectations, even better. 

We recently received independent AAMA 714 results on SealSkin’s Flash & Seal by Sustant USA. As expected, it exceeded test criteria. What was unexpected was how well it outperformed. 

We developed Flash & Seal as a low-modulus alternative to existing polyether liquid flashings, which can be thick, sticky, and difficult to effectively tool. Flash & Seal is smooth and loose by design; so it guns and tools beautifully, even in overhead horizontal applications and even at very low temperatures. Its flow attributes enhance substrate contact, improving adhesion and sealing. Its post-cure softness aids in fastener sealability while remaining highly durable at high temperatures, weathering and temperature cycling.

We also developed Flash & Seal to have quality adhesion on a wide array of substrates, even under full immersion, and especially on difficult substrates such as OSB, magnesium oxide, acrylic coatings, and various cementitious materials. And it’s here that it outperformed the AAMA test criteria. 

This adventure reinforced the obvious. Test robustly with an eye towards extremes so that third party testing goes smoothly and without surprises.