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Over 365 days under water: the ArmorWall™ Plus taped joint has successfully passed a one-year 21.6” face column. Here are some takeaways… 

  1. The 365-day performance is a remarkable achievement for any coating, especially for one at this coat thickness (8 mils dry). 
  2. Where other acrylics absorb water in a significant way, this one does not. If the coating is truly continuous, water does not penetrate the coating nor the panel. 
  3. ArmorWall™’s Panelizer system utilizes 9” wide self-adhered flashing to treat joints between pre-fabricated panel assemblies. Could it be narrower? These results suggest it could.
  4. In defiance of the manufacturer’s installation instructions, I did not seal horizontal edges of the self-adhered flashing.  The practice of sealing tape edges is now common – belt and suspenders. But, in this case, a belt alone worked just fine. 

True water resistance requires true continuity. When tested together, we see how the coating and tape architecture achieve this continuity under extreme rigors and over extreme durations.