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It’s been two years since I first demonstrated the adverse effects of released plasticizers by liquid flashing. Little has changed. 

Some suppliers, blenders, and private labelers have heeded my advice. Most have not. In fact, this past week, I evaluated a newly formulated product with the same tendencies. And it doesn’t stop with liquid flashing. We see the same effects in many sealants and fluid coatings. 

With disrupted supply chains, it’s understandable that capacities and capabilities in reformulating are constrained. So the pressure to change will come from those who spec and select these products. If you are unsure whether your selected products leach surfactants, test them. I have previously described a very simple surface tension test that anyone can perform. I’ll outline it again in the comments section. 

Meanwhile, my research on these products continues. If you have questions regarding testing or material selection, please contact me, I would be pleased to share what I’ve learned.