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Resolution – the ability to differentiate spatial placement of things or substances. 

In building science, we spend no small amount of time understanding the movement of water thru assemblies. So why do we continue to evaluate assemblies and WRB systems on the basis of bulk water migration beyond the WRB substrate – rather than within it? What value does this logic offer? 

The following priories are long overdue:

  1. Test methods and criteria for gypsum and alternative substrate materials (e.g. MgO);
  2. Optimization of substrate-specific dye-tracing methods;
  3. Development of long-term, field-based spray/pressure test methods,
  4. Substrate-specific test methods & criteria for assessing water penetration at threaded fasteners;
  5. Substrate-specific adhesion test methods & criteria for sealants & flashings under immersion;
  6. Methods & criteria for water absorption by coatings and liquid flashings. 

Just a few ideas to chat about at IIBEC.