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I enjoyed presenting yesterday at the Detroit BEC. A great venue, awesome organizers, and highly engaged attendees. Well done! 

While I always enjoy sharing my findings, my favorite part was explaining the ‘why’ and ‘how’ I test the way that I do. The ‘why’ addresses the misalignment between current testing standards and code intent. My work offers high predictive value where code, standards, and professional organizations have failed. Proof of that was presented yesterday. Systems tested to conventional methods may meet the letter of the code, but they miss the mark – the intent. 

The ‘how’ is shown here in this diagram. My presentation explained how ‘rogue testing’ merely refines conventional approaches using identical or even less rigor. The difference is in resolution and duration. I look where others don’t. And I test longer. Those two factors alone offer insights better aligned with code intent. The highest predictive value is gained by integrating weathering and system components. It’s that simple.