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I’m currently working on two bold concepts that will change how we view fastener treatment. They embrace the belief that every fastener is treatable or sealable. 

My first concept involves a novel fastener treatment that reliably seals fastener heads behind, or integral to, WRB systems. It’s an offshoot of the ‘carrier membrane’ – a coatable membrane that spans imperfect interfaces such as board joints, corners, transitions, fasteners, and ugly heavy-handed ‘detailing’. 

These issues are usually addressed by liquid flashing, tapes, and meshes. Unfortunately all of these have their limitations. And application figures prominently in these shortfalls. Of these methods, I ask – Are they coatable for proper lapping and sequencing? Do they adhere? Do they perform to the same criteria as the WRB itself? Do they perform at all? 

These images depict a highly developed system that effectively seals all accessible/treatable fasteners on a multitude of surfaces. In every instance, I’ve been able to substantively improve the manufacturer’s WRB system. In short, the WRB fails before this treatment does. 

I’ll release more information soon. Meanwhile, the ‘Holy Grail’ for sealing blind fasteners is also in grasp.