Company Founder

M. Steven Dogget, Ph. D.

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Dr. Doggett is the Principal Scientist and founder of Built Environments, Inc., a building science research firm with a special focus on resilient enclosure systems. He founded Built Environments to serve a growing transformation in design and construction practices. This exciting era brings new ideas and bold initiatives. But it also brings new challenges and unintended consequences. 

His expertise draws from a deep and diverse practice in architectural forensics. By knowing how buildings fail, we can fully appreciate solutions to make them better. What emerges is a blueprint to improve the way we innovate, design, and build.

His practice with Built Environments now centers around research & development of innovative building products. He also improves on existing ones.  And along the way, he invents novel testing methods. These techniques become his proving grounds in defiance of mediocrity, a condition that rarely solves design and construction challenges – it usually creates them. Dr. Doggett offers different ways of thinking and different ways of discerning good products from bad ones. By pushing the envelope, he raises the bar on quality while serving as a catalyst to achieve it. 

Dr. Doggett is also a leader in the field of computational analysis and is actively engaged in advanced simulation practices particularly on matters involving air, moisture, and thermal management. Likewise, he continues to lead teams in architectural forensics, building enclosure design, and quality assurance practices. He is also an avid speaker and educator – always interesting, sometimes controversial.   

Dr. Doggett works with multi-stakeholders including investors, manufacturers, design & engineering firms, and professional organizations. He views each relationship as a new opportunity to change the industry – to make the built environment a better, more resilient environment.