Building Assessment

Building Assessment.

We assess buildings and conditions for the benefit of asset valuation, occupant well-being, due diligence, capital planning, and building improvements. Solutions emphasize flexible, high-quality approaches that integrate broad industry knowledge and state-of-the-art analysis. 

Quality Indoor Environments.

Our IEQ solutions address all facets of the indoor environment to help you reach new heights of comfort, productivity, and occupant satisfaction.  We bring focused, proactive strategies that make economic sense by enhancing the occupant experience and reducing associated liability.  Our services address humidity & thermal comfort, odors, VOCs, airborne particulates, combustion residues, and biological hazards. 

High Operational Efficiency

Our targeted assessments detect problems early to  maintain high system performance and operational efficiency.  Put your facility on better grounds by reducing downtimes, repair costs, and site disruptions.

Mold & Moisture Problems

As experts in building mycology & moisture management, we are uniquely qualified to address problems cause by mold and other microorganisms.  Assessments focus on resolving the cause, structure & occupant risks, and protocols for safe building repairs.  

Who's Managing Your Warranties?

Third-party warranty inspections protect your interests through independent reviews of conditions, maintenance requirements, and warranty claims.

Plan With Confidence.

See your project come to life with 3D work environments and photorealistic renderings.  Enhanced visualization provides a highly efficient design process that improves perspective and avoids potential spatial and physical conflicts.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) further improves efficiency, project documentation, space management, and operating costs. 

Due Diligence That Pays.

Property Condition Assessments offer true clarity for commercial real estate transactions.  Evaluate conditions and costs related to physical deficiencies, defects, maintenance histories, and component life cycles.  Improve negotiations while avoiding unexpected repairs and financial risks.