Architectural Services

Powered By Intelligent Design.

At the core of our practice is the belief that resiliency and high performance are the ultimate expressions of intelligent design. Our enduring solutions are focused on durability, indoor environmental quality, and high energy performance.  The result is truly superior performance enabling safe, prosperous, and sustainable environments for every stage of the building life cycle.

Improved Efficiency.

We embrace whole-building design strategies that synergize processes and costs associated with building design, commissioning, and operations.  Project delivery is vastly streamlined.  Superior quality is assured.

Substantive Plan Reviews.

Our ardent brand of plan review provides  focused quality assurance for improved air, moisture & thermal performance, better implementation, and reduced risks.

Extreme Energy Savings.

You have energy goals.  We know how to reach them.  Whether it’s LEED, deep energy upgrades, Net-Zero Energy, or Passive House, we deliver practical, substantive solutions for every stage of the building life cycle.  By integrating whole building analysis of energy and durability, we achieve optimal energy savings without sacrifice to building enclosure performance. 

Predict Your Building's Performance.

Comply with the new ASHRAE 160 requirements with robust design analysis. Our hygrothermal modeling avoids potential design problems by accurately forecasting the effects of thermal, air, and moisture properties.  Predict service life conditions such as construction drying times, moisture transport, mold growth, and long-term system behavior.  Test scenarios for varying climatic conditions and system/assembly configurations.   

Optimized Visualization.

See your project come to life with 3D work environments and photorealistic renderings.  Enhanced visualization provides a highly efficient design process that improves perspective and avoids potential spatial and physical conflicts.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) further improves efficiency, project documentation, space management, and operating costs. 

Get Results.

From concept to completion, we bring capabilities that are built on effective communication skills, high technical competence, and proactive problem deterrence. The advantage of our approach is clear – we get results for the most challenging performance needs and the most demanding project constraints.  Challenge us.