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I’m sure the tape manufacturer loves to see this – its flashing tape finding far-reaching applications. But if this tape struggles on its own system, why would it work on another?

Let’s forget that the tape isn’t held by a termination bar. Let’s forget that the tape is applied over a textured fluid-applied AWB. And let’s forget that the thru-wall flashing is essentially reverse-lapped, spans a cavernous 5” cavity, and supports the weight of no small amount of mortar droppings.

Does the tape even adhere? Was it field tested? No and probably not.

What’s odd about this install is that the mason took great care to seal the tie anchor fasteners in beds of sealant. Clearly the team saw benefit to such measures. It saw benefit to quality. But the whole picture – a complete understanding – it’s missing. In one fell swoop, an enclosure is ruined before it ever saw life.