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Today I’m releasing the first of many findings regarding MaxLife Industries’ newly launched ArmorWall™ Plus, an innovative AWB system specifically designed for magnesium oxide. 

What better place to start than a 21.6” face column? These are two of many face columns that were integral to the research and re-development of ArmorWall™ Plus. It was the perfect match – the need to meet a growing demand for improved water resistance with a technique that could fast track development in 60 days. What emerged was the best thin-mil coating in the industry. 

At under 10 dry mils, the coating on these panels easily withstood 21.6 inches of hydrostatic pressure for 30 days (test voluntarily terminated at 30 days).  Here, I show a pair of test specimens together with their back sides (at 21.6”) and corresponding panel sections after 30 days. 

Even more amazing is the coating’s bond to magnesium oxide – achieving pull-off adhesion results in excess of 100 psi even after the coated panel is fully submerged for 24 hours! 

There’s so much to say about this innovative AWB system. And I plan to share more throughout the summer and beyond. Until then, congratulations to the team at MaxLife Industries!  They boldly demonstrated that every good system deserves the opportunity to continually evolve – to remain confidently better than ever imagined.