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Another achievement by ArmorWall™ Plus: Treated joints have successfully passed 30-day face columns. Here, I show a typical test specimen with the joint set at 18 inches.

What makes this all work with an 8-mil coating? First, the coating itself was designed for the magnesium oxide substrate; so there’s excellent adhesion even when the entire panel is fully submerged. True to the WRB system, the ArmorSeal sealant was further optimized to compliment the coated substrate. This moisture-cured STPE offers low water absorption and high adhesion under prolonged wetting – exactly what is needed for a robust joint treatment.  The panel’s fastener heads are treated with this same product, which is fully compatible with the trowel grade liquid flashing – also enhanced for the same performance at rough openings. 

The WRB is only as good as the system’s weakest link. This core concept was fundamental in the evolution of ArmorWall™ Plus. Without a doubt, it serves as a model for the WRB System:  a synergy of products for a common purpose – superior water resistance at the primary WRB plane.