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Wood-based substrates are imperfect and dynamic. But they can be tamed with the right WRB coating. The key: three-dimensional continuity. 

In previous posts, I demonstrated water penetration of OSB, checked plywood, and OSB-based WRB panels. These materials have one thing in common – irregular surfaces and micro-pores that invite water into the substrate . . . even when coated. A preferred WRB coating spans this multi-planar patchwork. It also remains elastic and durable. 

I’ve recently assessed Liquid Membrane UV Plus as part of our ongoing evaluation of Sip-Seal’s enclosure systems. This polyether coating is used in SIPS applications but is suitable for a wide variety of substrates. Here, I’ve tested the membrane at approximately 20 dry mils applied to OSB and gypsum sheathing.

The membrane passed my face column challenge when tested at 7.2” and 21.6” for 7 and 30 days. My findings showed no evidence of water penetration beyond the membrane or within the respective substrates.

This product offers a tack-free, durable coating with the attributes necessary to span OSB’s three-dimensional irregularities. It also serves as a great example of how inferior substrates can offer superior performance when paired with a synergistic WRB.