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It’s pretty rare when you get to see a brand come to life. It’s even rarer yet when you have the privilege to be part of it – to shape it into something special with the right ratio of substance and style. 

Here, I show the backing of Sustant USA’s new Flashing Tape emblazoned with its colors and distinguishing seal logo. I also show it receiving Sustant’s complementary liquid flashings, adhesives, and sealants. As I discussed in my prior post, it’s not good enough for membranes and tape backings to be compatible with its paired liquid flashing. The branding ink must also play fair – it must bond to the backing, and the liquid product must bond to the ink as well as the backing. This is no small accomplishment as I can provide many examples of ongoing product failures stemming from these assumed attributes. 

The tape’s features: a durable but conformable backing; a tear-away, back-slit release liner; and an adhesive with tremendous wetting attributes, broad application temperatures, wide substrate use, and some of the best peel resistance numbers in the industry. Most importantly, it seals. It seals extraordinarily well at 22 inches of hydrostatic pressure for months on end. 

The tape is produced by Sustant USA, coated by Sustant, and packaged by Sustant. And it’s held to my standards. This is no private label, ‘me too’ wannabe. It’s the real deal, a real disruptor.