Brianna “Bri” Okamoto

Brianna "Bri" Okamoto

Education Host & Content Producer

Bri joined Built Environments in 2023 as Education Host and Content Producer. In this role, Bri produces and hosts our educational videos and manages engagement with our online community and promotional partners. A professional Actor and Producer, Bri leads our team’s efforts to translate the most challenging issues in building and materials science into easily digestible and informative educational content. Bri leads our promotional collaborations with industry partners by producing content at conferences, on job sites, and testing facilities.

In addition to her role at Built Environments, Bri is a full-time Actor and Producer with Okamoto Productions in the Wilmington, NC film industry. She has appeared in over a hundred film projects including TV, commercials, motion picture, short films, and print campaigns around the country.

In her spare time Bri enjoys volunteering with Communities in Schools of Cape Fear, helping with outreach, tutoring and fundraising as a member of their Board of Young Professionals

Bri is available to act in or produce educational and promotional content with industry partners nationwide and can be contacted directly for more information.

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