Building Enclosure Consulting

High-Performance Assemblies.

We combine analysis, research and design to achieve the world’s best performing building envelopes.  Whether its retrofits or new construction, we set our skills on solving complex problems for air, moisture, and thermal management.  We service all building types seeking high-performing objectives such as LEED, Passive House, and Zero Energy Buildings. 

Building Enclosure Commissioning.

Building enclosure commissioning takes a major step forward in addressing current QA/QC shortfalls by outlining a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting performance. We assist building owners at every phase of commissioning, from owner’s requirements & design review to field verification & testing.    

Architectural Forensics.

We safeguard your investment through objective, high quality assessments dedicated to resolving facility-related problems timely and accurately.   Forensic analyses address construction & design defects, storm damage, water intrusion, air & thermal problems, material defects, and structural failures.

Construction QA/QC.

We deliver quality through team-integration, problem deterrence, and an ardent set of management and field skills – all brought together for the sole purpose of improved building performance.  Our QA/QC programs also avoid costly glitches and uncertainties typically associated with new construction or capital improvements.  Advantages include fewer change orders, better contractor relations, and fewer punch list surprises. 

Hygrothermal Modeling

Verify ASHRAE 160 compliance with robust analysis of building moisture.  Hygrothermal modeling avoids potential design problems by accurately forecasting the movement of heat and moisture through buildings.  Predict service life conditions such as corrosion, mold growth, construction drying times, and long-term system behavior.   

Deep Energy Upgrades.

Building envelope retrofits possess hidden paybacks that reduce energy use by 20 to 70%.  We bring all our capabilities to bear to ensure that assemblies safely accommodate proposed upgrades while avoiding potential moisture problems.   Services include energy audits, design, hygrothermal modeling, code compliance reviews, and energy modeling.      

Quality Buildings Begin With Quality Building Enclosures.