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We Help You Achieve The Most Resilient, High-Performing Buildings On The Planet.


Powered By Intelligent Design.
At the core of our practice is the belief that resiliency and high performance are the ultimate expressions of intelligent design. Our enduring solutions are focused on durability, indoor environmental quality, and high energy performance.  The result is truly superior performance enabling safe, prosperous, and sustainable environments for every stage of the building life cycle.

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Featured Service: Hygrothermal Modeling
ASHRAE 160 compliance with robust analysis of building moisture. Hygrothermal modeling avoids potential design problems by accurately forecasting the movement of heat and moisture through buildings.  Predict conditions such as corrosion, mold growth, construction drying times, and long-term system behavior. How will your building respond to the wrath of Mother Nature?
Hygrothermal Modeling...

BE Launches Hygrothermal Snapshots
In November 2013, we launched our Hygrothermal Snapshot reports, a glimpse into the power of one-dimensional hygrothermal modeling.  We've distilled the technicals to provide clean, easily understood results that empower substantive, creative design.  View moisture profiles for winter and summer conditions; or compare mold and corrosion risks to established criteria. 
Hygrothermal Snapshots...


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