What We Do

Research, Analyze, Consult . . .

A Niche Firm

With special skills.

We are not a typical research & building enclosure consultancy. We are built differently. Our approaches are novel. And we have special skills.

Anyone can test products and assemblies; run WUFI analyses; and redline plans. But do they truly know what it all means? Have they taken the deep dive to know what really works and what doesn’t? And do they have the breadth of knowledge to offer relevant perspectives?

We know the industry. We know its tendencies and fallacies. We see these gaps as opportunities to make products and designs better. Innovation is not limited to patentable products or ideas. It is the essence of critical thinking and creative thought.

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Research & Development

We research materials to better understand their limits and potentials. We compare products. And we innovate new ones. At our core, is the belief that conventional product testing lacks rigor and predictive power. We therefore push the boundaries of innovation so that it expresses something truly rare – clever, robust solutions to relevant, ever-changing problems. We offer fresh perspectives, unrivaled creativity, and the ability to make any product or design demonstrably better.
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Computational Analysis

Simulation – the imitation of real-world processes. In capable hands, it offers insights not practical in lab and field studies. Clients seek our unique skills in predicting how systems respond to a myriad of forces and climatic variables. We answer questions for everyday problems: Will XPS melt behind a translucent wall? What is the predicted airflow in my rainscreen? Or, what is the anticipated rate of corrosion? We employ state-of-the-art software that is benchmarked against reality. If it can be imagined, it can be simulated. And we walk you thru the process to offer this power of prediction.
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Enclosure Consulting

Here is where our skills culminate to achieve resilient building enclosures.
The aim – combine materials, design, and craftsmanship to resist the ravages of Nature. It begins by knowing the materials. We know which products work; which ones don’t; and which ones play well together. We also assist in the synergy of intelligent design where enclosure components are integrated to offer redundant safeguards, broad climate tolerance, and durability. Lastly, we offer our own brand of quality assurance. The kind that does not fail.