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I just returned from IIBEC 2021 . . . attendance was down, but industry enthusiasm was high. I like what I saw.

IIBEC 2021 was held in Phoenix, Arizona, and it was my first exposure to IIBEC – other than an engaged regional chapter in Milwaukee. As someone looking in for the first time, the view of roof systems is very apparent. To be fair, I was warned. With attendance being down, it was difficult to gauge the technical acumen, but I think there is always room for growth. Leadership seems genuinely interested in raising the bar in vertical systems, and I hope to play a role in those endeavors.

In all, the show did what most shows do – they offer the opportunity to meet, share information, and grow professionally. I met some interesting people, buried a few hatchets, and rejuvenated my spirit for new challenges. It set things up for an interesting 2022.