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Its properties include high water absorption, dimensional instability, and a high propensity for disintegration upon freeze-thaw cycling.

It’s semi-structural, semi-combustible, and semi-resistant to mold, termites, and debris impacts.

It has dynamic surface energies that change over time, temperature, application, and virtually all other variables. Yet, tapes, sealants, and adhesives stick to it ‘tenaciously’ per AAMA 711 and 714.

Though it does not meet the intent of the code, acceptance is gained via ASTM E331.

There’s no need for a protective coating or water resistive barrier. It’s configured with two factory-applied layers that neither impede nor hasten water transport. Thus, panels may be installed with its labeling ‘this side out’ facing either inwards or outwards.

Joints are treated with Everlasting Waterstopper – LS (liguid stopper)

Treatment of exposed fastener heads is optional.