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Fluid systems installed in the field do not perform as tested because tested materials are applied differently – with greater care, in perfect conditions, and to the letter of the instructions. Just another reason for margins of safety in gauging the performance of building materials.

Shown here are fairly common applications of fluid-applied AWBs. These happen to be here in coastal hurricane regions of the southeast United States: Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC; and Wilmington, NC. Some common pitfalls: insufficient coating thickness; coating irregularities; unspotted fastener heads; air pockets, variations in substrate plane, questionable joint treatments; questionable substrate bonding; question adhesion of coating; and applications over raised and countersunk fasteners.

Fluid-applied systems are highly technique-dependent. They are also condition-specific. When done right, and when truly water-resistant, they are hard to beat. When done wrong, they are mediocre at best.

Test to greater rigor, apply with greater care. It’s that simple.