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How Will Your Building Respond To The Wrath Of Mother Nature?


What is it?
Hygrothermal pertains to the movement of heat and moisture through buildings.  Computer-based modeling offers highly accurate predictions of hygrothermal performance for preventing early degradation and reduced service life. 

Model Any Conceivable Assembly.
Accommodate virtually any assembly type, including walls, roofs, floors, and even below-grade foundations.  Determine moisture content, relative humidity, dew point and temperature at chosen surfaces and depths for each assembly component. 

Location-Specific Hourly Climate Data.
Modeling emulates Mother Nature's fury by incorporating hourly weather data specific to your building's location.  Simulations also account for specific indoor conditions such as air exchange rates, temperature and humidity extremes, and dehumidification.

Advanced Model Controls.
Evaluate specific conditions relative to building height, orientation, and inclination.  Advanced features address surface heat transfer, permeance, short wave radiation absorptivity long-wave radiation emissivity, rain loads, and moisture absorbance.  

Endless Real-World Applications.
nvestigate the dangers of interstitial condensation or study the influence of driving rain on the exterior enclosure.  Analysis can also help select repair and retrofit strategies for alternative assemblies, climate variations, or moisture loadings.  This allows comparison and ranking of different designs with respect to total hygrothermal performance.  Estimate drying times of trapped or concealed moisture for framed and masonry construction.  Use modeled relative humidity to predict mold growth potential at any point within the modeled assembly.  

Clear, Concise Reporting.
We emphasize simple, straightforward reporting that enables quick understanding of model outcomes and their implications to building performance. 

Perfect Compliment to Energy Modeling.
Today's super-insulated assemblies can create dangerous levels of entrapped moisture that go undetected by standard dew-point analysis.  Hygrothermal modeling, in tandem with energy modeling, ensures optimal energy efficiency without sacrifice to durability.

Verify ASHRAE 160 Compliance.
Meet ASHRAE 160's criteria for moisture-control design analysis.  Modeling supports all performance criteria including 1% rain penetration values, unlimited humidity classes, and mold growth prevention.     

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