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'Roll Up Your Sleeves' Professionals With A Passion For Resilient Buildings.


Our Vision.
We recognize the growing transformation in design and building practices, which strive for ever greater achievements in sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, and occupant health.  This era brings new tools, new ideas, and new initiatives.  But it also brings new challenges and unintended consequences. Our firm empowers solutions that are both substantive and creative.

Our Talent.
We are more than just architects and consultants.  We are innovators at the industry's leading edge - whole building thinkers and authorities of the building enclosure.  Our talent represents a fusion of intelligent design, keen analytical ability, and solid, boots-on-the-ground experience - all focused on the single goal of improved building performance. 

Our Talent Works With Your Talent.
We enjoy working collaboratively with design teams, contractors, and owners
across all sectors and all building types.

When you partner with us, you benefit from decades of technical experience combined with broad industry knowledge.  Our team knows the pitfalls of conventional practices.  We also know why buildings fail.  Merge this experience with smarter, ardent quality control and you have the basis for a new paradigm of excellence.

We Nurture Relationships.
We value our clients by providing direct access to our team and prompt response to your stated needs. We understand that when you have access to the right expertise - when you need it - you'll be better able to solve problems and save resources.

Environmental Stewards.
We believe that stewardship begins with smarter ideas that benefit the planet as well as the lives of buildings and people. Unlike most green initiatives, our work is founded on substance over style.  Work with us and you work with a team that will accomplish great things through proven, verified performance.

Clear Thinkers.
Advanced building performance doesn't have to be complicated.  We strive for simplicity through clarity and thoughtful refinement.  Our solutions are engaged singularly or combined for comprehensive, turn-key synergies that overlay seamlessly with conventional project delivery and operations.

Our team is invariably attentive to budgets, aggressive schedules, and technical challenges.  We don't run from things that may seem impossible.  Tested time and again under the most extreme conditions, our work and our people will out-perform.

Our Market.
Our practice is wide-ranging, encompassing new construction, build-outs, and major capital improvements. Headquartered in Stillwater, Minnesota, we serve all markets and all building types throughout North America and the world.

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